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Latest News

    - Completed installation

      10kW in Neo Irakleio.



    - Completed installation

      10kW in Pyrgos.



    - Completed installation

      50kW at Schistos INAR. 



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      DNG Energy Latest News



  Completed installation of 10kW system in Neo Irakleio.


■  Completed installation of 10kW system in Pyrgos.


■  Completed installation of 50kW system in Perama.



DNG Energy Solutions is actively involved in the field of photovoltaic systems. With a multitude of collaborations and the leading manufacturers of solar panels and inverters in the world, we are capable of processing your photovoltaic installation from start to completion.


However, we don't stop there. There is no need to worry about the trouble-free operation of your system, since we also remotely monitor your installation, after it has been put into operation.

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