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    - Completed installation

      10kW in Neo Irakleio.



    - Completed installation

      10kW in Pyrgos.



    - Completed installation

      50kW at Schistos INAR. 



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     Company Profile



ImageDNG Energy offers integrated power solutions and investment opportunities, to all interested parties, through a network of partners specializing in the design and implementation of photovoltaic systems.


Our purpose is to study, procure, design and implement the most advanced and most reliable photovoltaic systems in all of Greece, with the simplest and most straightforward procedures.


By undertaking domestic, professional and large scale projects, we manage to encompass the full spectrum of all available investment opportunities.


Whether you are a domestic user or a professional, DNG Energy offers the maximum performance out of your installation, both financially but also environmentally, by providing surefire functionality in terms of system design and equipment.


Our customers, in cooperation with DNG Energy have the ability to take full advantage of the various investment motives available for this type of renewable energy source.

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