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    - Completed installation

      10kW in Neo Irakleio.



    - Completed installation

      10kW in Pyrgos.



    - Completed installation

      50kW at Schistos INAR. 



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      What is there to be gained?



By installing a photovoltaic system on your roof or terrace, you become the recipient of numerous provisions. The most important ones are:

■ Long term (25-year) secure and guaranteed investment with annual revenue in the order of 7.500€.

■ Solar power sold at a multiple of the price of conventionally harnessed power, in combination with the owner's own consumption (purchase).

■ Tax free income for the entire duration of the investment.

■ Amelioration of temperature conditions within the installation building.

■ Environmentally responsible operation.

The final annual income you will be receiving will depend upon the available surface area, in conjunction with the power rating of the selected solar panels.





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