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    - Completed installation

      10kW in Neo Irakleio.



    - Completed installation

      10kW in Pyrgos.



    - Completed installation

      50kW at Schistos INAR. 



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Who can benefit from a photovoltaic installation




     Photovoltaic Systems up to 10 kWp on building facilities



ImageThis concerns domestic consumers and very small businesses who wish to install an up to 10 kWp photovoltaic system on the roof or terrace of a buillding. This includes porch canopies, building facets, shades and storage areas. To be eligible for the program, the building where the system is to be installed, must be in your possession.



Non-profit Public Law Legal Entities and Private Law Legal Entities having ownership of the property where the photovoltaic system is to be installed, are eligible for the program.  The right to install a photovoltaic system on a building that is owned by a Public Law Legal Entitiy but is managed by someone else (eg. school commission), can be given to the manager, provided that the owner gives his or her consent. Image



In the case of a shared building or roof, only one photovoltaic system can be installed. The owners of the horizontal properties represented by the building manager, or one of the owners of the horizontal properties after concession to use the shared space by the remaining owners, are eligible to enter the program. The approved concession of all property owners is a necessary prerequisite and is left to the discretion of the interested parties.




     Photovoltaic Systems above 10 kWp on building facilities



ImageThis program concerns companies that either own or have a lease on a building facility. Interested parties will be able to install a photovoltaic system on the aforementioned property, either on the roof or the sides of the building, or even integrated in the building shell. The only limitation on installed power is the available space and budget.



ImageThe existence of a company is mandatory, since an invoice will need to be issued for the sale of the electrical power. Hence, private parties are excluded. However, in the case of an active company, 10% of the investment cost can be incorporated in the company expenses, as depreciation of fixed assets, every year for 10 years. This will significantly reduce the  taxation pertaining to the income from the sale of electrical power.




     Directions on the submission of applications for PV systems by farmers

ImageIn an effort to achieve development goals for Renewable Energy Sources, the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change has put out a circular with directions on the submission of new applications by farmers for energy production units based on RES, of installed power up to 100kW. This is an initiative of the MEECC, in cooperation with the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Foods, which enforces agricultural incomes and creates new employment opportunities and peripheral development.Image



Applications submitted by professional farmers will be processed based on priority. This is summarized in ν.3851/2010, according to which they will be able to install RES units, such as photovoltaic systems, wind turbine generators, biomass and others, on land that is in their ownership.

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